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Your Experience
at Alpine Jet Thrills

  • Planning a corporate or social club event? Check out the Combos in our Corporate Menu!

  • Looking for meeting  facilities? We're  a world away from Christchurch but less than an hour by road!

  • Need Team Building ideas? We'll give a few that will really test who's who in your team!

  • Kayak or Raft Taxi Service required to experience the Waimakariri Gorge? We have that covered too.

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Choose Your Combo!

JetBoat, AirBoat, HeliJet and Lunch. Maybe add Laser Clays or QuadBike, a 4WD experience. Your choice, all available at Springfield Adventure Park - home of Alpine Jet Thrills.

And while you're at it, check out Jet Boat World, our jet boating heritage display overlooking the Waimakariri River.


There are plenty of combinations available so we can customise to your requirements too!

Conference Facilities...

Jet Boat World is more than a pioneering jet boat display. It's an environment to meet in a casual rural setting a world away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Seating for up to 50-60 around tables or 100-120 in cinema style with a centre stage area for presentations.


Team Building...

On water Alpine Jet Thrills can provide you with team building tasks that are unlike anything you'll experience in the normal work setting - testing everyone's mettle... and all in a low key relaxed environment, conducive to learning.

Within the walls of Jet Boat World there are more traditional facilities to explore the strengths and weaknesses of your team. 

Taxi Service...

Looking to get the best from your rafting or kayaking experience? Our twin engine JetBoats have specially designed racks to carry 12 kayaks (and passengers) to anywhere in the Waimakariri Gorge. You can check out the river and rapids before you attempt them by kayak or raft.  

We can also accommodate mountain bikers eager to explore some of the back blocks of this region.  



  • Independent river training, without the need to hassle others for training assistance.

  • Saves on road transfer time and less vehicles needed.

  • Skip the less challenging sections of the river and concentrate on the harder sections.

  • Get to see the trouble spots as you jet boat upstream BEFORE you kayak it.

  • Team up with other river users, so you don’t need to paddle on your own.

  • Added security for your vehicle on private property.

  • Clean toilets and changing room when you get back off the river.

  • Jet boat backup in case of an incident while on the water.

  • Our experienced drivers know the Waimakariri River Gorge adding value to your experience.


 $115 - $275 pp / kayak - Drop off points up to and including:

Emerald Pool          $115 (min 3)

Walker's Hut            $155 (min 4)

Hamilton Rapid      $220 (min 5)

Esk Pool                    $275 (min5)

Departure times

9.00am Saturdays and Sundays
Other times available by prior arrangement if group size permits.

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