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Our Springfield (Tarewa) base is located on a 650 acre property overlooking the Waimakariri Canyon that boasts more than 20% native or regenerated land cover.


Third generation Hamish Faulkner's family has farmed here for a century and shares our passion for showing off the spectacular scenery that bounds the Waimakariri and supports our quest to have the least impact on our environment. We're also off grid, powered by renewal energy direct from sun to solar panels.

We've taken the Tiaki Promise 

To Care for People and Place 

It's a commitment to look after Aotearoa and we're committed to act as  guardians, protecting and preserving our home 

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Kereru Matai.jpg

Riverside Bushwalk

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability we have established a riverside bush walk through  a small section of native bush overlooking the river, clearing predatory plants to open up and showcase huge Matai and Black Beech trees, along with several other smaller varieties of native flora.

This rejuvenation of the bush also supports the local fauna, vocal Korimako (Bellbird), colourful Kererū (Wood Pigeon), Tauhou (Wax Eye), and Pīwakawaka (Fantail) amongst the most commonly seen native bird life in the bush.

Ko whio whio - (Blue Duck)

Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos

Also known in the North Island as the Whio, our relationship and support of Aotearoa's  most threatened duck species (that doesn't quack!) and lives in fresh clear fast flowing rivers has direct links to the invention of the jet boat. As a young boy Bill Hamilton would marvel at the way the little Whio would fly low, upstream over the rapids he was so eager to conquer himself.

We are proud to encourage support in protecting an  endangered species so close to the heart and history of the jet boat.

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